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2 min readMay 16, 2022

The ACT Research team had the opportunity to attend the 2022 ACT Expo. Our team would like to share our top five takeaways from the event.

  1. Well to Wheel
    The effort to decarbonize and create greater sustainability across the supply chain was a common theme heard, particularly from legacy OEMs and suppliers.
  2. Partnerships & Collaborations
    It was an event filled with announcements of partnerships and collaborations as businesses strategically position themselves for the continuous advancements of battery and fuel cell electric vehicles including:
Plus Truck at ACTExpo

3. OEMs Announcing movement into new GVW Scales
In addition to the announced partnership with Allison Transmission, Xos announced the addition of a Class 8 Tractor (HDXT). However, Blue Bird may have had the most unexpected announcement with their intention to develop Class 5–6 chassis.

4. Hydrogen Product Offerings Continue to Grow
The number of hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicle players and offerings continues to grow including an announcement from Cummins as it debuted a 15L Hydrogen ICE Engine.

5. Natural Gas Isn’t Going Away
While hydrogen, battery, and fuel cell electric and autonomous vehicles gained most of the limelight, Natural Gas businesses showed that there are varied and readily available opportunities to decarbonize fleets.


Currently, the team at ACT Research is engaged in a commercial autonomous vehicle multi-client study. Through this work, we have identified adoption rates and forecasts for autonomous Classes 4–8 vehicles through 2040. On Thursday, May 26, ACT’s autonomous team will hold a virtual briefing and update about the study’s progress to date. More information about our Autonomous Commercial Vehicle Study and the upcoming briefing can be found here:

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